TTS Back Pack

Small, lightweight, cashless payment kiosk

One of the most frequent request we have from clients is a small, lightweight, cashless payment kiosk.

That is where the Back Pack comes in. Its playful, thin and versatile design makes it perfect for small spaces that need bill and utility payments without the need for cash. It is made in such a way that you could call it polymorphic since upon ordering you can request various components and capabilities to be added or excluded without changing its overall size.

Key Features

  • Modern, slim and compact design
  • 17″ Color Infrared touch screen
  • Audio Guidance
  • Proximity sensor
  • Credit Card Reader, Pin Pad and NFC reader (Optional)
  • Internal document barcode and QR scanner (Optional)
  • External barcode and QR scanner (Optional)
  • A4 Laser color printer with patented document retraction system (Optional)
  • 80mm thermal receipt printer
  • Isolated printer drawer for safe and easy paper roll change

Customize to your needs

You need something special? We can customize any of our products to best fit your needs! Contact us today