APC-one series

Robust, safe and reliable APS kiosk

Several banks were seeking for a robust, safe and reliable APS kiosk with card payment capabilities, all around cash payment and secure strongbox, while having the freedom to select between Stand-alone and Through-the-Wall installation.

The APC series kiosks include all the above and even more. Motion detector, security camera, audio and video guidance, banknotes and coin acceptance and change giving in multiple denominations plus much more, make these kiosks the perfect solution for automatic payment, both in and off site!

Key Features

  • Robust welded sheet metal construction
  • 17’’ Color Infrared Touch Screen
  • Credit Card Reader, Pin Pad and NFC reader
  • Accepts all coins and banknotes
  • Change in coins through recycling mechanism
  • ECB6 certified, single note banknote acceptor
  • Large capacity, removable inox cashbox
  • 80mm thermal receipt printer
  • Isolated printer drawer for safe and easy paper roll change
  • Barcode/QR scanner
  • Multiple point locking system
  • Electronic lock with time delay and multiple passwords (optional)
  • Proximity sensor
  • Audio help/guidance
  • LED indicators
  • Easy to access electronics for maintenance

Customize to your needs

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