OLiS Tight

On-Line Smart Safe in small size

Just like it’s big brother (OLiS 4400), the OLiS Tight is designed according to all our customers’ needs and the insurance companies’ global standards.

A certified smart safe that can accept, count, and validate bulk quantities of banknotes, fast and accurately. This one of course is specially manufactured so that it can fit in small shops.

Key Features

  • Compact Size – Perfect for small shops and “tight” spaces
  • Stand Alone/Back Office kiosk
  • According CEN I safe standards
  • Multiple points locking system
  • Electronic lock with time delay and multiple passwords
  • Banknote capacity – 1200pcs
  • Single Banknote acceptor
  • Automatic stacking, removable cassettes
  • Bulk Banknote acceptance and verification – up to 35 bills each load
  • High end and fast bill verification
  • 8″ Color Touch Screen
  • User friendly touch interface
  • Swipe Card Reader for User Identification
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Easy Access Electronics – Quick maintenance
  • ** Can be combined with the OLiS CSC

Customize to your needs

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