Robotic envelope dispenser sidecar

Several banks in Europe were seeking for a compact envelope dispensing sidecar solution to accompany their payment kiosks and lobby ATMs.

We designed a custom-made envelope dispensing unit, with large capacity and easy refill system. The machine selects the envelope internally, scans it for validation purposes and depending on the result, presents it to the customer or drops it in to a reject box.

Key Features

  • Compact Design
  • Can connect to any APS system as a sidecar
  • Innovative robotic dispensing mechanism
  • Can dispense envelopes with variable thickness and weight
  • Stores up to 200 envelopes
  • Automated individual envelope verification (Barcode/QR)
  • Pre-Loading tray
  • Rejected tray
  • Smart positioning and placement sensors
  • Automatic envelope pick-up detection
  • Automatic retraction in case of no pick-up

Customize to your needs

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