We bring a new approach to the self-service, telematics and automatic payment fields.

Public Transportation

Nest has extensive experience and presence in the field of transportation and fare collection over the years. This fact allows us to design and manufacture advanced and demanding systems according to any of the clients’ needs and requirements.


We are currently one of the leading companies in delivering high end solutions for the petrol industry. From outdoor payment terminals and printing kiosks to forecourt management and tank gauging and monitoring systems, Nest can cover every aspect of this continuously changing field.


The banking industry is a very rigged and “closed” industry, with specific requirements and high standards in security and reliability, especially in our times. Some of the major players in this industry have shown time and again their trust to our products, services and solutions.


Our accumulated experience in all of the fields and projects mentioned before makes Nest an ideal partner for cash handling solutions in the retail market. Our R&D department is continuously working on new and innovative solutions that will emerge soon…


a smart safe that can accept, validate, count, deposit and securely store large amounts of incoming cash with on-line provisionary daily credit capabilities. LEARN MORE