OLiS Coin Side Car (CSC)

Coin Side Car for OLiS On-Line Smart Safes

Continuing the tradition of the OLiS family, the OLiS CSC was made after many requests from our clients to fill the absence of coin depositing capabilities, in a fast and secure way.

Working as a small complimentary and vital side-car to both OLiS 4400 & OLiS Tight, the OLiS CSC accepts, validates, counts, and stores coins of any denomination.

All inserted coins the bag itself is securely incased in a welded thick steel strong box and can be easily replenished by a CIT company.

Key Features

  • Very Slim Design to fit tight spaces
  • 6mm thick welded steel frame strong box
  • 2-point locking system
  • ATM grade mechanical lock
  • Accepts and verifies all kinds of coins
  • Bulk Coin Acceptance
  • Up to 20-25 coins per load
  • Rejected coins dropped in easy-to-access front removal tray
  • Accepted coins free fall in secure CIT bag
  • Up to 15.000 coins capacity
  • Easy and fast bag change with drawer style opening

Customize to your needs

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