HERMES Stamp-it

Self-Service Kiosk for all daily Postal tasks

Hermes is a Self-Service Kiosk that will handle all daily Postal tasks, fast, securely, and precisely.

It will weigh the envelope or the package on a high precision dedicated weighting scale, evaluate the costs for shipping, depending on destination and weight, and issue the appropriate postal stamps within a few seconds, ready to service the next customer, thus decreasing the waiting time compared to traditional counter Postal Servicing. Receipts and change for the transaction are not optional, but standard features that make Hermes a stand-alone Postal kiosk

Key Features

  • Robust metal construction
  • 10.4″ Color touch screen
  • High Precision Scale
  • Coin acceptance and change giving in all denominations
  • Coin Recycling capabilities
  • Stamp thermal free drop printer
  • Internal Log printer

Customize to your needs

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