Our efforts are focused on the delivery of solutions that offer competitive advantage for our customers, are secure, reliable and easy to maintain and at the same time are modular and configurable to meet customer needs.

Our Team has extensive experience in:

Consulting services
S/W development
  • High level & embedded programming
Electronics design
  • Circuit and PCB design
Mechanical design
  • 3D industrial design
  • Sheet metal & solids
  • Fast prototyping
  • 3D Printing
After sales support

APC-one series

Robust, safe and reliable APS kiosk

OLiS Coin Side Car (CSC)

Coin Side Car for OLiS On-Line Smart Safes

HERMES Stamp-it

Self-Service Kiosk for all daily Postal tasks

OLiS Tight

On-Line Smart Safe in small size


Robotic envelope dispenser sidecar


Coin counting and storage system